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KLIK USA is proud to call Milwaukee home.  Over the past decade, a significant revitalization has made tremendous progress at making this a truly unique place to call home.  Miles of pedestrian accommodations; vast improvements in quality and diversity of housing units; a vibrant social scene and continued infrastructure investment have all led to a resurgence from the throes of deindustrialization.

One such investment was a recent upgrade to the American Family Amphitheater.  The Amphitheater is located within the Henry Maier Festival Park, home to the world’s largest music festival and many additional summer festivals. This is a 75-acre festival park, with multiple stages and an abundance of local food and shop vendors.

Living in Milwaukee, the beginning of summer is most often marked by Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival which includes 11 days of endless concerts, performers and entertainment for those of all ages. Local restaurants, companies and media networks all band together to sponsor the festival and on the Henry Maier Festival Park grounds, the largest amphitheater of the venue is the most recently renovated “AmFam Amphitheater”.

This particular amphitheater holds the headliners of the festival, those concerts you pay extra for to get into, the big names of the 11 days. Throughout the summer, the Summerfest grounds hold many festivals, including cultural or celebratory events, which also utilize this amphitheater. Of the recent additions to the amphitheater that just opened last year, some of the notable changes are larger and more exclusive VIP areas that showcase the city view and Lake Michigan, a larger variety of food and drink vendors in the amphitheater section of the grounds, as well as additions that add directly to the concert experience.

Members of the KLIK USA team recently attended a concert at the amphitheater, and while waiting for the main act to come on, happened upon our KLIK LEDpod Lining the seating areas, as well as lighting the path down to food and drink concessions, the KLIK LEDpodTM provides a guiding glow to all who enter the amphitheater. While the main act was incredible, the coolest part is seeing the KLIK LEDpod provide an incredible solution to a project!

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