Helping Keep Theme Park Stairways Safe

Think of a theme park. Picture it in your mind’s eye. You’re in Florida, it’s warm, the sun is shining. Everything around you has whisked you away to an alternative reality.

Even the transportation.

At night, as the sun sets and you walk back with aching fatigue in your legs, you’re reaching that transportation, guided by lighting that keeps the magic alive. Everything has been designed, even the lighting that guides your path.

Lighting can often be a part of the experience that gets overlooked, but it couldn’t be more important. At one Orlando-based resort, getting emergency stairway lighting up to code while being visually pleasing was a top priority.

A resort engineer called upon KLIK to consult on how to supplement lighting already in place to meet necessary requirements. The team suggested that the addition of the LEDpod into the existing handrail would be an ideal and easy solution. Within days new LEDpods were on their way to the resort and installation followed a few weeks later.

Problem solved, no heroics needed.


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