Illumination fit for Frank Lloyd Wright

Opened in 1964, the Gammage Memorial Auditorium on the campus of Arizona State University is one of the very last commissions Frank Lloyd Wright undertook before his death. Based on a never-produced design for an opera house he originally conceptualized for the king of Iraq, the ASU Gammage is instantly recognizable as a Wright building over 50 years later thanks to the repeating geometric motifs it features.

What it didn’t feature, however, was enough ladies’ rooms. Nor was it ADA-compliant. And given that the Gammage was the premier venue for visiting Broadway shows and other big acts, a modernization was long overdue.

As the architects and builders planned their additions and renovations, every care was taken to ensure that their proposals were respectful and fit harmoniously within Frank Lloyd Wright’s original vision. So when it came time to specify lighting for the newly installed handrails, they required a solution that was elegant, easy to install, and harmonious to the point of invisibility.

And that’s when they came to KLIK USA. Despite the fact that they had not originally planned for an in-rail lighting solution, because our product is so flexible and easy to work with, the road from initial specification to ultimate solution was quick and painless.

As to the reaction to the finished work, the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy says that the recent improvements “help ensure that the building will continue to serve the function for which it was designed, and ultimately that is the best guarantee of its long-term preservation.”

Looks like, even after all this time, form still follows function.

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