KLIK LEDpods™: Lighting Where You Need It

The California Incline is a heavily used thoroughfare that connects Ocean Avenue with the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, CA.  It serves as a key transit connection point for cars, pedestrians and bicyclists. Last year, it underwent a long reconstruction process to be brought up to seismic standards.  The updates also included an improved pathway that allows pedestrians and bicyclists to travel between the State Beach and Santa Monica.

When lighting mixed-use areas, avoiding light spill is an important consideration.  KLIK USA was able to provide a lighting solution that could work in harmony with cars and mixed-use spaces. KLIK LEDpods™ were installed only in the inner handrails, illuminating the path for non-vehicular traffic without creating a distracting glare to vehicles. After reconstruction, the California Incline became a safer way for all to enjoy access to the State Beach from Santa Monica.

KLIK LEDpods installed in handrails can provide the same, if not better, quality of light as light poles. In fact, compared to light poles, KLIK LEDpods can be more efficient and save your project money in the long run. KLIK LEDpods reduce light pollution and glare by only lighting the path needed, and not surrounding areas.

California Incline technical project specs:

  • 50 lights
  • 4000K
  • 2 watts

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