Lighting the way for families in a daze

When families stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Milwaukee while their child is receiving medical care at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin there are a million other concerns that don’t include “how can I safely get to the hospital?” Getting to and from the hospital should be the easiest part of the experience, and with the addition of a covered and well-lit pedestrian bridge this is now the case for those families. We are proud to have been a part of making the journey safe from A to B for families that have more important things to worry about.

How did it all start? Having learned about our products online, a Milwaukee-based engineering firm, Kapur & Associates, came to us needing a focused lighting solution for pedestrian bridge handrails that went over a busy road. We visited their offices to provide a demo and to understand the specs of their project. After learning more about the challenge they were facing, we were able to provide a solution that fit exactly what they needed.

Problem: A pedestrian bridge over a five-lane road connecting Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to the Ronald McDonald House needed to be lit for pedestrians. Traditional light poles were out of the question in this project due to proximity to the roadway and residences. A well-lit walkway was incredibly important, but lighting also needed to be done so as not to be too distracting to vehicles on the road.

Solution: We were able to work together with a local lighting contractor, Outdoor Lighting Const. Co. Inc., to install LEDpod lighting into handrails all along the pedestrian bridge. This allowed light to be directed only to the walkway and not cause glare or distracting lights to the cars driving below. The lighting now provides a much safer pathway for patients and families to get to and from Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and the Ronald McDonald House.

Soon after completion of this pedestrian bridge, the Ronald McDonald House opened a new part of the house allowing them to serve 800 more families than before, and this bridge serves as an important link to the Children’s Hospital.

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