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Perspective from the City Garden

Many museums, zoos and other public spaces are in limbo, some opening, some remaining closed, but many across the board are using virtual tours or social media to entertain and stay in front of their audience. Welcome to the lighting industry version of virtual entertainment, taking you to the contemporary lighting addition to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.   

What started as a simple garden has grown into a 30-plus acre sanctuary since 1973 in the city of Atlanta today. While major growth has occurred for the Atlanta Botanical Garden since its opening, one of the more recent additions was the Skyline Garden and Robinson Gazebo, a part of the garden that overlooks the city of Atlanta and provides magnificent views.  


The Skyline provides a more modern approach to the botanical garden in comparison to the other display gardens. This specific region is filled with plantings not comparable to any of the other plantings one might find in other gardens, such as cacti and succulents, as wells as desert varieties interlaced with more warm-weather flowers. These heat-loving plants are maintained even through Georgia’s winters. 

Another feature of the Skyline Garden is the Aquatic Plant Pond, the central point to the garden. Originally used as a water retention pond during construction, the pond was later filled with a variety of lilies and lotuses. It still features the “Floating Fiddlehead,” which was a piece of the 2017 summer exhibition in the botanical gardens. The pond as a center to this portion of the garden filled with such a range of flowers adds to the contemporary design achieved for this part of the gardens. 

One of the key portions of the Skyline Garden is its view overlooking the city from the north. Just above Piedmont Park in Atlanta, the “1.5-acre garden” extends a great deal of the southern portion of the gardens and provides a beautiful and unique overlook perspective to downtown Atlanta. This area of the botanical gardens, providing a more modern landscape, features a contemporary and innovative lighting solution with the KLIK USA LEDpod 40.  


Lighting Design: HLB

Photography: Adam Goldberg

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