Setting the mood: One World Trade Center

Ascending to One World Observatory is an extraordinary journey. As a way to more fully engage guests during their wait to ascend the tower, an interactive experience was installed along the queue path. Called Voices and Foundations, the multimedia presentation shares the experience of the men and women who built this special place, and the story of the of the building’s foundations deep in the bedrock beneath Manhattan Island.

As the queue rails wind through simulated bedrock, KLIK Ledpod’s were selected for their versatility within curved handrails, customizable color temperature, and seamless integration with lighting controls. Designers chose a deep blue light to create the subterranean feel. Dimmable drivers were coupled to the Ledpods, allowing the light to work in harmony with the multimedia presentation. The result is a truly enveloping experience, befitting the 60 second ride to the top of the greatest city on earth.

Designer: The Hettema Group
Developer: Legends Hospitality Group
Owner: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

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