What exactly is “Daylighting?”

For the first time in 90 years, in November 2011, after many years of planning, river waters began to flow above ground in downtown Yonkers, New York. KLIK USA was fortunate to be involved in lighting pedestrian areas around the newly revitalized Saw Mill River.

In urban design, the term “daylighting” describes the restoration of rivers that have been previously covered with concrete, usually from past public works in urban areas. There has recently been a movement to restore these natural habitats to urban areas, literally bringing daylight back to these previously covered rivers.

Restoring the river not only helps to revitalize downtown Yonkers, but also provides new habitats for muskrats, egrets and American eels. The coalition behind daylighting the Saw Mill River has also made great efforts to include plant species that attract beneficial insects to encourage food chains and aquatic life, enhancing the environment in Yonkers.

As is the case with developments that seek to minimize their impact on nature, while also giving people the opportunity to enjoy the spaces, special lighting was needed for the river’s bridge and walkway. It was important to the designers to offer people enough light for safety, while not detracting from the beauty of the river.

KLIK USA was able to provide just the solution. KLIK LEDpod 40™ in 4000K were installed in the handrails, perfectly complimenting the site lighting strategy. Because KLIK LEDpods™ can accommodate asymmetric distribution, they were mounted straight down to provide continuous illumination of the curving pathway without the unsightly glare associated with other point source products. All this from less than 2 watts per fixture – beautiful and efficient.

We were glad our KLIK LEDpod™ solution was able to bring a little “night lighting” to the Yonkers daylighting project.



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