From Concept to Opening: How KLIK USA Works With You the Entire Way

Up front, it’s important to know two things:

  1. You start with your project, not our product. Don’t worry about specifying the product just yet.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you are new to lighting, or are a lighting expert, together, we find the custom solution you need to best serve your space.

In short, you have a need; KLIK has solutions and the expertise to make it work for your project.

First discussion

When we first speak, we’ll focus on your project. As we probe through questions about the specific details of the space you are designing, we’ll be able to identify solutions. We’ll find something that is just right for the unique requirements of your environment. When it comes to lighting, and how it’s applied, it’s ok to not know what you want. That’s what our conversation is designed to discover. Things we’ll consider include:

  • An in-depth discussion around the environment in which the project lives. That is to say, is it a garden or pathway on a college campus, stairs in a commercial building or parking facility, or is it a handrail in a museum? All require different solutions, and all can be made uniquely yours with creative applications of the right lighting.
  • The size and materials around the space you need to light (concrete, wood, foliage, metal, reflective and more). There’s a lot to consider.
  • The amount of light you want or need for the space. Is it outdoor, evening lighting or for darker, indoor spaces?
  • How the lighting may work with or complement other lighting in the space.
  • Techniques that will provide the best and most impactful design enhancement.

Discussing the specifics

After we get an idea about your needs and the canvas available, we’ll talk about the products that provide the right solution, as well as the specifics around installation needs. We’ll work together to address questions and concerns you may have. Some of the common questions we face include:

  • How do KLIK LEDpods™ fit and secure into a handrail?
  • Are there options for a non-standard handrail profile?
  • How is wiring brought in?
  • How many KLIK LEDpods are needed in a rail?
  • Is light on both sides of a feature needed?
  • Ballpark budgeting.

Getting into the details

Supplementing our initial discussion are the product specification and datasheet documents, these can be found here, which are used to capture specification detail.  These spec sheets will help provide detail around:

  • Fixture selection:
    • Color temperature, output, optic and size
    • A placeholder may be used if railing size is not known, this allows for planning and pricing while architectural details are being finalized
  • Fixture type indicated on lighting layouts
  • Driver and enclosure requirements as needed for the installation

After the specifications are published, we work to ensure accurate quotes are provided to the marketplace. Because illuminated handrail crosses CSI divisions 05 and 26, there can be some confusion when pricing. KLIK USA provides valuable guidance during this process, eliminating redundant pricing and accurately bucketing costs according to trade division. As we’ve said from the beginning, our relationship is a partnership. That starts with discussing the best and most creative solutions for your space and it continues every step of the way through estimates, product specifications and installation.

We can also work with your selected fabricator to ensure railing requirements are met, and ultimately provide installation support as needed.


Once the project is released and orders are generated, we work with the rep/distributor to ensure accuracy, verifying product selection, fixture and gear quantities, and aligning the delivery to the installation schedule. Once we are sure everything is correct, the order is released to the KLIK factory. In general lead times are 2-3 weeks for the average job, though very large projects can take 4-6 weeks.

Throughout, we are here for you when you need us, providing a direct line to the source of your lighting expertise.

Have more questions or looking to start your own project? Contact us directly here.


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