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Introducing the Mistik

We are excited to share one of our latest KLIK USA products, the KLIK LEDpod™ Mistik. A new addition to our LEDpod family, the Mistik features the LEDpodTM XL28 fixture housed in a metal enclosure. The Mistik is stocked in both cylinder and rectangle form factors. In the last year, we received many custom requests for projects that needed our fixtures attached to wooden beams, trellises, or other places in which our LEDpod and LEDpod XL could not be housed directly; or there was a need for a custom metal enclosure to make the look more aesthetic or to light a larger region. The LEDpod XL is most known to be used inside hollow architectural metals. The Mistik is thus a natural solution for projects that need downlighting off a guardrail post or canopy, for example. Since our release of this product, we have seen a great deal of interest as it not only showcases the effectiveness of the XL28 but features the KLIK product in a new way for innovative project solutions.

For more details, visit the KLIK Mistik pages with the following model links below:

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