A Guiding Light in Thoughtful Hospital Design

Can thoughtful hospital design lead to better patient outcomes? Research says yes. For instance, patients with a view of trees from their bedsides do better than patients with wall views. Patients in well-designed hospital environments “experience less anxiety, require less pain medication and have shorter hospital stays,” according to the Center for Health Design, an organization of health-care providers and designers devoted to the development of health-enhancing environments.

Modern-day hospital design takes the window-view approach even further, incorporating healing gardens and outdoor natural spaces for patients, family members and staff to relax and de-stress in a peaceful, attractive environment. One CHD study reveals that 95% of people who walk through hospital gardens report a therapeutic benefit from simply being in them. In fact, writes Yuhgo Yamaguchi, VP of Design Strategy for Fidelity Labs, contact with nature “not only speeds patient healing, it also helps family members and hospital staff more effectively deal with the stress of providing care.”

The Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital, opened in March 2018, is a leading example of aesthetic hospital design. With 116 acres of open space, including a six-acre pond and more than 7,000 feet of walking and biking trails, the hospital’s campus offers ample opportunities for soaking in nature’s healing properties. Enhancing the beauty (and safety) of the hospital’s outdoor areas, you’ll find KLIK LEDpod 50® integrated into the guardrail surrounding the deck and walking paths. KLIK LEDpods offered Northwestern Medicine’s architects a handrail/walkway solution that was easy, flexible and discreet enough to let nature be the focus, day or night.

KLIK is proud to be a part of design solutions for hospitals such as Northwestern Medicine, where cutting-edge medical treatment includes a thoughtful approach to the environment, using natural areas to enhance wellness and provide respite to patients and caregivers.

Project:            Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital

Product:          KLIK LEDpod 50® in pipe guardrail

Architect:        Gensler


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