Illuminating the Hobson Bay Bike Path – Auckland, NZ

With an increased focus on sustainable and environment friendly efforts on many fronts, many cities are seeing a rise in the use of bikes for transportation. In Auckland, New Zealand, the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path supports similar efforts by creating an almost 4.5-mile-long path that connects the suburbs to the center of the city.

The path runs through a beautiful part of the city and those using the path will be surrounded by the marine wildlife environment and “magnificent views. The development of this project had to be thoughtful in executing environmentally friendly lighting throughout the path. The goal of the project itself was to keep the lighting in theme with the original and joining timber walkways, as well as provide a result that had no back spill onto the water or negative effect on the marine life in the area.

With these goals in mind, the KLIK LEDpodTM XL28 was mounted into the original timber balustrade to accent the natural look of the area and minimize material impacts.  A cable channel was routed in the timber balustrade; a simple metal plate was then placed over this channel to accept the XL28 and conceal the wiring. The plate was angled toward the walkway, shying any back spill away from the water and marine life. The result was beautiful and sustainable illumination of the new path to be enjoyed by many members of the community, as the path completes a missing part of the Auckland community’s cycling structure. Cycling has increased by 8.9 percent in the past year across the area.

For more information on the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path in Auckland, please see the links below.

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