Store Lighting Impacts Retail Sales

When walking into a store, there are a few noticeable facets that attract the attention of many consumers: the product, the presentation of the product and the atmosphere and aesthetic of the store itself. How the clean-cut appearance of the store encourages a person to have a similar design in their home or how the product, that new kitchen appliance a customer has been eagerly awaiting, looks under the bright, brilliant LED lighting.

Within retail, there is also a great importance in the results of lighting influence on those entering the store as strategic lighting tends to have an impact on shoppers. Lighting is a simple way to influence a customer’s experience, giving them a distinct atmosphere for the store, as well as often directing them to specific areas of merchandise. The use of the KLIK LEDpod at the Roth Living Showroom in Denver is seen to do exactly that, guiding shoppers up to merchandise on the second floor of the showroom.

LED lighting has become more common in stores and showrooms for many reasons, as they provide many benefits for retailers themselves, such as easy set-up, cost efficiency, longevity of the light and even having the ability to control the light intensity through dimmable features, such as the LEDpods used in the Roth Living Showroom.

According to “How store lighting impacts retail sales” on the website Grocery Dive, research has found that after lighting half a store with LED lights and lighting the other half with traditional florescent lighting there was an increase in customer purchases by 2% in the LED-lit portion of the store. Other research, such as a study in Germany, has confirmed areas of a store lit by LED lighting increased sales by 6% and traffic in various regions of the store by 15% over the course of 21-weeks.

Having the ability to control the light in the store, especially through dimmable LED fixtures, provides that retailers can influence the shopper’s experience and draw them to specific regions of the store. You can find information on the Roth Living showroom in Denver and view their product here.

Project: Roth Living Showroom, Denver
Product: KLIK LEDpod™
Photographer: James Florio
Architect: Arch 11
Engineers: ME Engineers, Inc.
Contractor: E Light Electric

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