Support the Community

Support the Lighting Community

During this time, it has become critical for the workplace to evolve completely, with most teams communicating via video conferencing or phone and very little being done in person. As everything has moved online, it can become isolating or difficult to get work done in the way that we are all used to. Lighting is an industry where showcasing product most often occurs in person, and face-to-face communication is beneficial for understanding and knowledge.

Highlighting that COVID-19 has changed so much, we at KLIK wanted to remind the lighting industry that the community of lighting is still here, while it might not be in person. There are an abundance of ways to continue to connect to each other and learn more about our brands and about one another.  

While our lives have all changed both professionally and personally, we have also had to find new ways to be both productive and entertained. We decided we wanted to share a few ways that can positively fill your days and keep the lighting community connected with distance. Please feel free to share your ideas right back with us, as we all have to work together to overcome difficult times.


For Fun

Arrange a conference call with a lighting company you have been meaning to learn more about.

Listen to podcasts, read the books sitting on your nightstand you’ve been meaning to get to or check out movies many platforms are streaming early.

Invite industry leaders or employees that have gone above and beyond to speak about a specific topic within lighting and feature it on social media or your website.

That language you’ve always wanted to learn or certificate you’ve always been interested in? There are an abundance of platforms that are providing opportunities to learn.

Host a virtual happy hour for other lighting lines you represent or are connected to in some way, just to keep in touch.

Write letters to family and friends you have been meaning to catch up with.

Pick a tip, company or lighting trend of the day and share on social media.

Wine tasting with wine at home! This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Provide a video series to your audience about a process or how specific fixtures work.

Complete a puzzle.

Spring cleaning (email, desktop, home).

Board game nights/board game tournament.

We will continue to do all we can to solve your possible challenges and needs. We are here whenever you need us and encourage you and your team to reach out to us for any questions or concerns you might have. We are available to reach by phone, email and conference call if your needs could be met better with that format. In addition to this, we are further committed to helping you maintain progress by stocking up on extra samples, don’t hesitate to call if you need to see a particular fitting. Our team is here to support you in any way we can and are always here to help!

There are ups and downs across the world, so let’s do our part to stay positive and supportive together. Please stay safe and healthy and know the KLIK team is thinking of you, your teams and your families.


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