KLIK USA introduces the AKWA Flex LED, a new wet location, IP68, IK08, flexible linear LED featuring gas-phase silicone, a high-performance rubber compound. This material offers transparency, structural integrity, and resistance to yellowing. High quality LED’s ensure color consistency over time by sourcing chips from a single bin.  Additionally, KLIK USA incorporates the use of anti-wick/siphon technology as an essential accessory on most flexible bare cable leads.


AKWA Flex LED strip glowing luminescent yellow.

The Material

The AKWA Flex LED family is manufactured from a high-performance rubber compound known as gas-phase silicone. This material provides advantages such as transparency, structural integrity, and resistance to yellowing. The transparency of the silicon material allows for efficient transmission of light, ensuring that the AKWA Flex produces uniform, dot free, homogenous lighting, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including exterior architectural lighting, facades, under bench/planter box lighting and any exterior location where a flexible linear weatherproof LED profile is required.

The LED’s

The standard chips are designed, manufactured, and packaged by an ISO 9001 certified chipset manufacturer, sourced from a single bin. In terms of optional features, the products can be equipped with CRI95 and R9, offering enhanced color rendering.

AKWA Flex WG 01
AKWA Flex LED strip displayed under an exterior bench.

Anti-wick/siphon Device

This stainless-steel waterproof device is designed to be an essential accessory for outdoor bare wire products. Its primary function is to ensure the waterproof nature of the product [IP68]. The device prevents any air or moisture from penetrating the wiring, regardless of the pressure and temperature generated by the AKWA Flex. By creating a water-tight seal, this accessory guarantees the protection of the product from external elements, thereby increasing its durability and lifespan in outdoor environments.

The System

AKWA Flex operates through a via 24V Power Supply, it can be supplied in a number of configurations, from 0-10V dimming, DMX control, Dynamic Lighting control as well as custom options.

AKWA Flex LED strip displayed in a wet location.