LED Downlighting LEDpod XL

Beautifully unique.

With its ability to be installed in both flat and curved structures, LEDpod XL is a conduit for creativity. This robust downlight can be installed within the structural elements of buildings, including facades, overhead walkways, or any other area requiring a recessed LED, with radii ranging from 40mm to 95mm.


Virtually invisible

Install in flat or curved structures for the most discreet lighting available today.


IP65 with minimalist form factor. For use as primary light source or as light engine for accent lighting.

Robust Construction

LEDpod XL offers multiple beam angles, Lumen packages, and colors.


Suitable for radiused or flat structures, vertical or horizontal orientation.

KLIK LEDpod XL Overview

Learn more about the KLIK LEDpod XL; unique recessed LED downlighting that can be installed into flat and curved structural elements.


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