LED Pod Handrail Lighting LEDpod

Stunning simplicity.

Versatile light pods for virtually any application, LEDpod is especially popular with handrails. Able to illuminate with either symmetrical or asymmetric distribution without the need to tilt the handrail, these pods eliminate unwanted and disturbing glare.


Eliminate glare

LEDpod offers both symmetrical and asymmetrical distribution.

A complete system

Drivers, enclosures, and fixture mounting clips included for application.

Easy maintenance

Simply turn the fitting 90 degrees to extract for service or replacement.

Long lasting

Certified to have over 50,000 hours of life per unit.

KLIK LEDpod Overview Videos

Learn more about the original specification-grade KLIK LEDpod, your best choice for handrail illumination.

Discover more details about how to incorporate KLIK LEDpods into your next handrail project.

KLIK LEDpod Installation Videos

How to install your KLIK LEDpod Clip.

How to install your KLIK LEDpod.

KLIK LEDpod Removal Video

How to remove your KLIK LEDpod.


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